For Presenters

the oral sessions (the general sessions and the special session)

  • all oral presentation sessions (the general sessions and the special session) will take place in the auditorium of Center for Korean Studies.
  • each oral presentation is 20 min., followed by 10 min. for discussion.
  • the auditorium has a stage, a podium with a microphone, a drop-down screen, a projector, an audio system, and wifi and cable internet connection.
  • the room does not have a computer and a laptop needs to be connected to the projector via a built-in VGA cable.
  • there will be two back-up laptops ( a PC and a Mac).
  • presenters may use their own laptops, but we strongly encourage presenters of the same session to share the same laptop (whether it is one of the presenters’ or a back-up laptop), in order to save time and avoid potential technical difficulties. If you wish to use your own laptop, please be sure to bring an adopter to connect to the VGA cable.
  • we suggest all the presenters to make your presentation available in a USB drive or online.  
  • if you plan to have a handout, we suggest that you make 70-80 copies.*  Please note that we cannot print copies of your handouts, and there is no on-campus facility where you can make a large number of copies (but there is a Fedex Kinkos near campus).  
*We originally suggested 50-60 copies, but we have approximately 140 registered participants as of September 28th. Thus, we would like to suggest at least 70 copies. 

the poster session 1: October 12, 1-2 pm

  • the poster session 1 will take place in the lobby of Center for Korean Studies.
  • most of the posters will be displayed on a fabric covered poster board that looks like the picture below (we will also have several foam poster boards and easels). Posters need to be placed on the fabric board using velcro tages. We will have tapes for you.    
  • because of the size of the fabric poster board, posters for the poster session 1 should be no larger than A1/landscape or A0/portrait. 
Inline image 1

the poster session 2: October 13, 1-2:30

  • the poster session 2 will take place in Koi room in Imin Center, which is located near Center for Korean Studies.
  • there are 15 poster boards to which a poster can be displayed on both sides. Posters will be displayed on the board using pushpins. We will have pushpins for you.
  • the dimensions of the board are 46 inches wide and 63.5 inches high (116.84 cm wide and 161.21 cm high) (please see the picture below). A poster for the poster session 2 can be of any size as long as it can be displayed on the board.   
Inline image 2